Inventory expander is a cutting edge solution for travel industry.

If you take care of RM in airline, one question is always on your mind: How much seats in different cabin classes you can allow to be overbooked with certainty that you will fulfill your guest needs while not losing any profit opportunity.



With advance in big data, machine learning, neural networks and utilizing web services our solution could be used as:

1. Add-on to existing host your company is using – this will automate forecasting, no show predictions and advanced reporting;

2. On demand web application accessible remotely - this can provide you basic calculations for quick evaluation of best sales tactics in certain period;

3. Anything you deem will be beneficial for your business - we will provide you, consultancy as well as solution integration.

It is up to your business needs to decide how to implement solution that can boost inventory virtually by 2-4% for a fraction of cost compared to acquisition of costly additional equipment.

Airway Ticket time limit (AW TTL)

AW TTL is designed to offer dynamic ticket time limit as basic functionality of our Revenue Integrity tool. It helps the Airline to convert considerable number of blocked segments (potential loss) to profitable segments – either by releasing booking and freeing inventory space, or transforming booking into sale, by forcing booking owner to issue a ticket. AW TTL module of RI suite can check both PNRs and tickets, and will detect actionable segments, and provide best TTL value according to TTL matrix rules as defined by the Airline. Our consultants would help your RM team to set up rules in a way that is in line with your business model.

AW Churn

Churning represents multiple cancellations and re-bookings in order to avoid deadlines for TTL - issuing tickets set by the RES services. Our AW CHURN module easily identifies agents creating such problems. Multiple undo or re-provisioning on the same flight, in the same class, date, or route are detected, and pointed to the markets/routes most affected. AW CHURN module is automated solution able to create statistically adjustable daily, weekly and monthly report.

AW Duplicate segment

Passengers usually create duplicate bookings with excuse that they are not sure how long their meetings will last or they are just in the habit of doing it. Tickets aren’t always re-issued to reflect the latest change in the passenger’s itinerary. Our AW DUPLICATE SEGMENT module can simplify your revenue integrity management through an easy-to-use and flexible user interface solution. It will enable cleaning of duplicates releasing seats back to inventory, while there is still demand for them (especially for heavy loaded flights). This will minimize Airline’s GDS costs, caused by these duplicates.

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